Discover the accessible facilities of The Grand Atlanctic

At The Grand Atlantic Hotel, there is a Stanner Stairlift at the front of the hotel to aid any guests entering and exiting the hotel. To operate the Stairlift, please see our reception staff upon arrival if able or give them a call on 01934 626 543 to make them aware of your arrival. The Stairlift is operated by a key, which our reception staff need to use.  

The first and second floors within the hotel do have a few small steps in the corridor, while the third and fourth floor are all in the flat. If you require a floor that is in the flat, please let our reception staff know at the time of booking so that they can adhere to your requirements. 

Most of our bedrooms at the hotel do have walk-in showers, but some do have showers over baths. If you require a walk-in shower, please enquire with our reception staff at the time of booking and they will do their best to meet your request.